Chef716 Party Boutique (CPB) is able to host in-home events or within our intimate party boutique.  Chef716 Party Boutique

features Adult Only All-Inclusive private parties and themed social events within a small intimate setting.  Our party boutique holds no more than 30 guests, which allows for an intimate and personal affair.  We pride ourselves on providing parties that offer a unique twist to the traditional ones.  All of our parties incorporate a theme which can really enhance the Fun of a party.  

"The only thing better than seeing your guests having a great time is actually being able to have a good time with them.  So feel free to laugh, drink, and enjoy the moment".

During the weekday, we host theme social events, such as Wine Tasting Parties, Paint Parties, and Murder Mystery Parties. 

Our events are held at various locations within Western New York.   

Silver Herrera, Founder

Airic Thornton Herrera, Co-Founder

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